Dog Day Care

Dog Boarding

Full period dog boarding for your holiday, from $40+GST per day per small dog. Booking is essential.

Dog Day Care:

We offer half day or full day care for your dogs. Here are some reasons why you choose us:

  • Convenient location for you to drop in and pick up in Canterbury area Sydney
  • Large playing backyard with other dogs, more activities for them
  • Consultants constantly monitor your dogs for their well being
  • Enclosed fence to make sure your dogs are safe and secured
  • Flexible hours if you are away for work
  • Reasonable prices

$40 + GST for small breeds

Half day visits (5 hours or less) : $50
If more than 15 minutes late for pick-up, a full-day charge may apply.

Full day visits (5 hours or more) : $68
For full-day visits, if more than 15 minutes late for pick-up, a $15 fee may apply.

5 Pack (Full day visits)
5 packs are valid for one month


10 Pack Full day visits
10 packs are valid for three months